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Septic Dye Testing

A Septic Dye Test is a test that puts dye and water into the absorption system to see if water is leaking to the ground surface to create an unsanitary condition that indicates failure of the septic system. This test MAY indicate a failure of the system, but does NOT indicate all possible issues or failures. In addition, a Septic Dye Test is dependent on the level that the septic tank is filled and how the septic lines are situated. These conditions may NOT be known to a Home Inspector.

A septic dye test should be done as a minimal test of any system that does not have a verifiable maintenance history, or if the area is known to have soil problems or site conditions that raise concerns about the condition of the system.  

WARNING: Septic systems are extremely important and expensive systems to install or replace. The components of septic systems are not readily observable, and we recommend that you have a qualified professional do a full visual examination of the septic tank and system.